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Friday, January 3, 2014

You are Entering the No-Bull Zone

This book is not like the oversupply of self-help books that present a list of exercises and plans to do this and that, write down your goals, create a map, draw this, analyze your inner self, keep a journal, and answer this list of questions, ad nauseum. This book is basically an honest depiction of the work and life landscape in the U.S. on several fronts and it asks some questions that get you thinking about how to go about earning a  decent living and keeping your expenses down. It is an overview of our society, not an expose about following some pop psychologist’s unproven methods. In short, this is the no-bull zone.

This book is about attempting to discover the truth about career and education opportunities available to American citizens to enable them to survive and/or go beyond the ordinary in the twenty-first century. I start under the premise that there is an enormous amount of misinformation spread through the Internet and through a trend among major media corporations and politicians that shows a serious lack of focus on the issues that really matter to us.

Consequently, it is more important today than ever before to be information literate, a topic that does not generate a great deal of interest among common everyday people. However, common, everyday people go online every day, and they are consistently being duped by amateurs who publish misleading information online. Getting a keen understanding of how to identify what’s valid, useful, and authoritative information from online resources is a necessary skill to have today, like knowing how to use a telephone or how to type. 

In addition to being information literate, we as a society need to understand and change the way our economy works. While I am by no means an economist or scholarly writer on economics, I can read and examine the scholarly literature and see with my own eyes and through decades of both blue-collar and white-collar personal experiences what is happening to our country. This too is not prominent in many peoples’ eyes. 

There’s also a movement today that is quite disheartening. It’s one in which an enormous number of American citizens are anti-intellectual.

More to come soon…

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